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So How does it work?

Buy 10 GN’s/Trade Paper Backs, we then average the sales total of those 10 and give you store credit for that average. Store credit is recorded into our MOBY database.

Is there a minimum price for a book to qualify?
Do pre orders qualify?
Yes. We encourage you to pre order.
Pre orders are an easy way for you to manage your collection.
With our MOBY system we are able to track your pre orders and last minute requests.
You can also subscribe to a GN/TPB series if you like; this is another feature of MOBY.
Do I have to take the credit right away?
No you can bank and save it for later.
Are there any exclusions?
Yes, often we run sales on GN/TPB’s and it is at that point that books will not be eligibile towards The Club.
Does my Store Credit Expire?
Yes, 1 year from the day we issue you your credit it will expire.
It is a default setting in the computer.
Besides if we do not see you for a year, we wish you well in the
Witness Protection Program. J
Is there a fee to sign up?
No, however we require you to fill out a short application, see store for details.
How do I sign up?
Just stop in and ask about the book club. We'll sign you up and you'll be off and running in a bold new world of savings and service!
*A TPB or trade paperback usually refers to a bound volume comprising multiple issues of a comic book. Generally the collection will comprise a story arc, an entire multi-chapter story. The multiple volumes of Walking Dead or Y the Last Man are good examples of trade paperbacks.
A GN or Graphic Novel usually refers to an original work, never before seen in a serialized format. To confuse matters more, a GN or TPB can be a hardcover and/or a paperback format. Pride of Baghdad, or Last of the Independents are excellent examples of the graphic novel format.

The terms are often used synonymously, which is just fine by me, we know what you mean.


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